A biography of penn born in london the son of admiral sir william penn

On Guinness's birth certificate, the space for the mother's name shows Agnes de Cuffe. The space for the infant's name where first names only are given says Alec Guinness.

A biography of penn born in london the son of admiral sir william penn

Early life[ edit ] Penn was born in St. Naval career[ edit ] In the First English Civil War of —, he fought on the side of the Parliamentand commanded a ship in the squadron maintained against the king in the Irish seas.

The service was arduous and called for both energy and good seamanship. Inhe was arrested and sent to London, but was soon released, and sent back as rear-admiral in the Assurance. The exact cause of the arrest remains unknown, but it may be presumed that he came under suspicion of corresponding with the king's supporters.

A biography of penn born in london the son of admiral sir william penn

It is highly probable that he did so, for until the Restoration ofhe was regularly in communication with the Royalistswhile serving the parliament, or Cromwellso long as their service was profitable, and making no scruple of applying for grants of the confiscated lands of the king's Irish friends.

He was so active on this service that when he returned home on 18 March he could boast that he had not put foot on shore for more than a year. In this last battle, a sniper from his ship killed Dutch admiral and fleetcommander Maarten Tromp on the Dutch flagship Brederode.

William Norton of Horry, South Carolina

Inhe offered to carry the fleet over to the kingbut in October of the same year he had no scruple in accepting the naval command in the expedition to the West Indies sent out by Cromwell.

He was not responsible for the shameful repulse at San Domingo, which was due to a panic among the troops. He made humble submission, and when released retired to the estates of confiscated land he had received in Ireland.

A biography of penn born in london the son of admiral sir william penn

During the voyage, Penn made himself known to the Duke of York, who was soon to be appointed Lord High Admiral, and with whom he had a lasting influence.

In the Second Anglo-Dutch Warhe was flag captain at the Battle of Lowestoftserving under James, Duke of Yorkand later in the same year was admiral of one of the fleets sent to intercept Ruyter.

Although Penn was not a high-minded man, he is a figure of considerable importance in English naval history. As admiral and General at Sea for Parliament, he helped in to draw up the first code of tactics provided for the English navy.

It became the basis of the "Duke of York's Sailing and Fighting Instructions", which continued for long to supply the orthodox tactical creed of the navy. The character of "mean fellow", or "false knave", [8] given him by Pepys is borne out by much that is otherwise known of him.

But it is no less certain that he was an excellent seaman and a good fighter.

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Unsurprisingly, Penn appears several times in Pepys diary. A typical entry 5 April reads "To the office, where the falsenesse and impertinencies of Sir W. Pen would make a man mad to think of. Pen's shying of a shitten pot in their house of office".

On the other hand, the diary entry for 4 July contains a long account of Penn's analysis of what was to be learnt from the Four Days' Battleending with the statement: Mary Redcliffe in Bristol. His helm and half-armour are hung on the wall, together with the tattered banners of Dutch ships that he captured in battle.Sir William Fairbairn Bt (), born in Kelso in At the age of sixteen he was apprenticed to Percy Main Colliery, near Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Your obliging letter of August 16th was presented to me by your son-in-law, Dr. Thomas Ewell, and his amiable lady, your daughter. Although I was confined with a wounded leg, which is not yet healed, and afflicted with a series of misfortunes, afflictions, and deaths among my tenderest connections, such as rarely happens to any man even in this .

Sir William Penn (23 April – 16 September ) was an English admiral and politician who sat in the House of Commons from to He was the father of William Penn. + free ebooks online.

Early life and education

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Winslow Hall and the Lowndes family. Winslow Hall was built by William Lowndes in - the first time Winslow had had a "manor house". The Lowndes were a prominent family in Winslow from the late 16th century (possibly descended from a family from Overton, Cheshire; they first appear in Winslow in the s, and a Geoffrey Lowndes was vicar of Swanbourne from ).

William Norton. William was the fourth son of Old Richard Norton and Susanna Neville Latimer. alphabetnyc.com Yorkshire.

Winslow History | Winslow Hall and the Lowndes family