A case study investing money

In my peripatetic life I have been a ruby smuggler, commodity trader, securities analyst, investment banker, and entrepreneur. Each role taught me more about value investing. As a ruby smuggler, I moved product to where demand was greatest. I operated in the world of supply and demand which translates into reversion to the mean for an investor.

A case study investing money

Basic Investing advice for senior citizens Case study 2: Senior citizens are also among them and it is heart breaking to see that few of them have not managed their money well.

Few readers have run out of their retirement corpus.

A case study investing money

Following is a brief advice given for a senior citizen NRI outside India. Senior Citizen Investment Advice Question: I am retired Canadian citizen who has lost lot of amount in crisis.

To recover I always try to find safe investment opportunities in India which is my native country. I am here with my family for last 22 years. Anxiously await your response for NRI investments. Your response to my feelings will be highly appreciated.

It would also be half baked unless I had a holistic view of your finances. Its regrettable to hear you had lost money in the stock crisis in Always look for strong fundamental alpha ideas at reasonable valuations to make good money.

Else, go for the trusted route of well-run mutual funds. Safe investment is a myth. Safety is only relative.

Marcy Case Study #3: No Money Down Real Estate Investing

Company CDs may be considered but I leave that to you. Exposure to debt can be through NRE fixed deposits, debt-part of balanced funds. You can consider investing in US equities eg. Indian equity exposure should be through mutual funds especially large cap oriented balanced funds.

They may give comparatively less returns but their Beta, Sharpe ratio are less compared to other funds ie. Whatever you can manage to invest should be enough. As market pans over next years, try to withdraw systematically. This might sound boring but would be prudent rather than riding a roller-coaster investment cycle after retirement and suffering permanent loss of capital.

Nobody can predict fluctuation in currency exchange, inflation consistently. If I have your permission, I would like to publish this on my website as a case study name can remain anonymous, if needed.


These are not to be taken as recommendation.Vanguard Utilities ETF: A Case Study In Defensive Investing. Aug. 22, AM ET | | About: how they make their money is important.

For example, currently, I . How to Purchase Real Estate With No (or Low) Money! One of the biggest struggles that many new investors have is in coming up with the money to purchase their first real estate properties. The Vacation House. A home away from home, where you get to escape on weekends to live a fantasy life that is better than your real life.

It is a concept that seems to be coming up more and more among my friends and family these days, as people get older and wealthier and start to look for more things to spend money . The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money & Investing initiates you into the mysteries of the financial pages -- buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures and options, spotting trends and evaluating companies.

For those who are curious but intimidated by everyday financial jargon, this guide offers a literate, forthright and lively alternative. We’re into real estate investing. We’re also into keeping it real.

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