A review of film the grass harp

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A review of film the grass harp

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Plot[ edit ] Set in a small s Alabama town, the film follows Collin Fenwick Edward Furlong as he is sent to live with his father's maiden cousins, the sweet Dolly Piper Laurie and the overbearing Verena Sissy Spacekfollowing the death of his mother.

He soon discovers that the Talbo household is anything but normal. After also losing his father, Collin grows to be close to Dolly and Catherine Nell Carter and becomes acquainted with the eccentric townspeople, from the gossip-loving barber Roddy McDowall to a traveling evangelist with fifteen illegitimate offspring Mary Steenburgen.

To escape Verena's oppression, Dolly, Collin, and Catherine run away to an old tree house in the woods. Their rebellion sparks a series of events that change their lives and the entire town as well.

A review of film the grass harp

A gentle eccentric, Verena's sister. Sissy Spacek as Verena Talbo. A controlling entrepreneur with most of the town in her pocket, Dolly's sister.

Edward Furlong as Collin Fenwick.

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An orphan sent to live with Dolly and Verena. Nell Carter as Catherine Creek. A quick-witted house maid and Dolly's friend.

Walter Matthau as Judge Charlie Cool. A former judge attempting to find meaning in his retirement years, Dolly's love interest. Roddy McDowall as Amos Legrand.

The effeminate town barber and gossip. Jack Lemmon as Dr. A con man who charms Verena. Mary Steenburgen as Sister Ida. A good-hearted traveling "evangelist". Sean Patrick Flanery as Riley Henderson. Collin's friend and eventual competitor for the affections of Maude.

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Scott Wilson as Eugene Fenwick. Colin's father, who leaves him with Dolly and Verena after the death of his wife. Mia Kirshner as Maude Riordan.The Grass Harp.

Topics: Family remains suspicious of Judge Cool and actively dislikes Verena, whom she refers to as "That One." Families in the film are rarely are part of traditional families.

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He has appeared in nine films including: the action film Tomorrow Never Dies as the character Jack Wade, the action movie Congo playing R.B.

Travis and the comedy release The Grass Harp cast as Sheriff Junius Candle.

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JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. A failed gambler, intent on meeting a rich widow, tricks his widowed brother-in-law into boarding a cruise ship as dance hosts. After watching The Grass Harp I felt I had just experienced a feast!

If you are tired of the McDonald's diet of recent Hollywood formula movies than you will welcome this gourmet quality film!

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