Best t shirt transfer paper

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Best t shirt transfer paper

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and prices range from a few hundred dollars to over thirty grand. Most people are looking for some kind of start-up package in a specific price range. This article will focus on the first group.

Best t shirt transfer paper

T-shirt printing options in the five to ten thousand dollar range will be covered in a separate article. What we offer here is a review of the best low cost options for T-shirt printing. That all depends on your priorities and budget.

With dye sublimation, you simply design your image and print it in reverse using dye sublimation ink onto specific transfer paper. When the paper is removed, the image has been sublimated into the fabric. Sublimation produces very colorful, very soft transfers Advantages: Since there is no ink or media applied to the fabric, sublimation produces the softest transfers in the entire garment decoration spectrum.

Best t shirt transfer paper

There are no design limitations dictating the range of colors or kind of images you can sublimate. Everything from fancy, full color images to simple logos will work See Fig 1: And sublimation can also be used to dye polymer-coated items like mugs and ceramic tiles.

Sublimation is pretty easy to do, and the quality of the transfers is fairly consistent. Finally, one of the biggest advantages of sublimation is the low initial equipment cost. Currently the Virtuoso product line consists both desktop and large format models.

The new Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ expands the envelope for desktop dye sublimation.

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It comes with Sawgrass Creative Studio software and templates, an installation kit, and two foot rolls of QC Pro sublimation transfer paper.

The main drawback is the fact that sublimation only works on polyester fabric or polymer-coated items. Even cotton-polyester blends cause problems because the dye only adheres to the polyester.

The second most vexing issue is the requirement of a white substrate. Since the dye is applied directly to the fabric, sublimating colored apparel will cause color shifts that may ruin the design.


Click here for a more detailed explanation of this problem. Another common complaint is about the relatively high cost of dye sublimation ink, which is available from Sawgrass Technologies. That problem has been solved with the advent of the Virtuoso line of printers which are supplied directly through Sawgrass.

It must be a piezo inkjet printer for which Sawgrass has drivers. If you do have a suitable model on hand, the printer in effect becomes a one trick pony. It can no longer be used for office documents or other applications.Perfect T-shirt Transfer Paper that is suitable for Inkjet and Bubble jet Printers, most importantly simple and fun to use.

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Custom T-shirt Transfer Printing UK More often used for small orders and simple personalisations, a transfer is a go-to choice for personalising sportswear.

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