Dementia case study essay

It works through history, examination and investigations — click on the plus symbols to see the answers to each question Part 1: Mavis Mavis is an year old lady, referred to you in the memory clinic for assessment of memory impairment.

Dementia case study essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Dementia Case Study Essay Sample Dementia is a dreaded neurodegenerative disorder that causes progressive decline in cognitive or mental functions.

Dementia is an impairment that gets worse over time, and cannot be reversed by medication or surgery Levinep Dementia starts off as your typical type of memory loss that is common among the elderly.

Because AD has mild and subtle symptoms in the beginning, it is often diagnosed at the latter stages when the person manifests the most recognizable symptoms.

Early detection is an area that science must work on because while there is no cure for dementia yet, it can be managed with early intervention programs such as occupational therapy and medications.

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Apart from this severe loss of recognition, patients with dementia also manifest profound deterioration in communication and cognitive abilities, and by extension, their physical dexterity and coordination as well.

Patients also exhibit extreme mood swings and distemper, as well as the inability to keep personal habits Kitwoodp. During the early stages of AD, neural cell death occurs in areas that control and store memory.

After some time, neurons in areas controlling language and reasoning die as well. Brain cells continue to die until death takes place secondary to severe loss of brain function. Dementia can have profound effects, not only for the patients and loved ones, but for the caregivers as well.

Health services for people suffering from dementia are one of the biggest drivers of costs for the British welfare system. For people with dementia, the most significant problems take place secondary to the progressive degeneration of cognitive functioning Moniz-Cook E et alp.

These include loss of independence and the inability to participate in social activities.

Dementia Case Study | Essay Example

All of these things adversely affect the quality of life, well-being, and safety not just of the patient, but their loved ones and carers as well Swift Towards this end occupational therapists and case managers should focus on reducing dependency by retraining and enhancing daily functioning, which then improves the quality of life of everyone involved in the case.

These figures are believed to be a great underestimation because the numbers are based on patients who are actually seeking medical services Evansp. A greater number remain undiagnosed because they are still in the very early stages of dementia Guttmanp.

By conservative estimates, people with dementia will rise to over one million some fifteen years from now. Of these numbers almost seventy percent are women. Those with mild mental disorders are the ones that can benefit most from primary care and management such as occupational therapy because whilst they do not have any acute medical condition that require emergency or hospital care, they nevertheless have physical limitations that require constant provision of care Evans et alp.

These people require social and health services to help them live as independently and autonomously as possible, and occupational therapy is among the best management programs that can help provide that independence Hilgendorfp.

Because hospital or emergency care costs more than primary care or health management at home, primary and preventive care for patients with dementia becomes a priority ADI ; Evansp.

The British government is seeing the value of improving the delivery of primary health care and management to people with dementia, including the design of standard models of care and increase in community-based support for the patients Dunleavy et al A cornerstone of this primary care programs for people with dementia is the provision of occupational therapy services.

In particular, community-based programs including education, support programs and cognitive and occupational therapy for people with dementia has been found to improve daily functional activities, especially for those in the early stages of dementia Noyes et alp. The improvement in functioning creates a cascade of benefits that includes the reduction of burden on caregivers Graff et alp.

It is important that carers be given support as well because their job can be very taxing and emotionally draining.

Dementia case study essay

When patients improve functionality and physical autonomy, they lessen their dependence on caregivers. Caregivers play crucial roles in ensuring the health and safety of people with dementia and their effectiveness in their roles help ease the burden on the health care costs by delaying the need for formal care Graffp.

However, in the course of performing their duties as carers, their own health and well-being may suffer in the process MHA This is where occupational therapy comes in.

This sense of success and emotional boost can have profound health benefits that deserve careful study. Community occupational therapy intervention for people with dementia, including the provision of primary care has been proven to reduce health care costs because the patients are able to function better without the need for added health services such as medication and hospital care Graff Other risks associated with dementia such as falls are also greatly reduced because of better functioning.

Occupational therapy has proven to be a key element of a successful risk management package, especially for patients with dementia receiving primary care at home Brody, The main goal is to achieve as much independence as possible, with emphasis on the safety and dignity of patients ADI Aside from designing relevant therapeutic activities, occupational therapists will also guide caregivers and loved ones in making the physical environment more responsive to the needs of the patient.

By exploring the different ways of performing functional tasks, occupational therapists are thus able to find one approach that works best for their clients.

Occupational therapists take a holistic approach in order to keep patients highly functional in spite of their physical and mental impairments Watkinsp.- This essay is a comparative research study into the effectiveness and relevance of two interventions for people with dementia; Reminiscence Therapy and Montessori Method.

The two methods will be analysed for their relevance and effectiveness, as well as comparing to discover their differences and similarities, with consideration to the.

" Dementia includes well-known disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. These disorders often strike adults and cause a variety of conditions, such as cognitive impairment, pain, and “poor oral health status.

Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is a form of dementia that shares characteristics with both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases Person with lewy bodies may have these symptoms A person with DLB will usually have some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

The aim of this case study is to explain and discuss the nursing care of a 69 year old lady who has recently been diagnosed with early stage dementia. This case study will demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of evidence based nursing practice whilst exhibiting my ability to outline a plan of.

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Dementia case study essay

Clinical Correlations-Etiological Agent The Human. 1 Case Study Mr. Aponi Neuro/ Dementia Vs Delirium 85 year old, Native American male living in a long-term care facility. Wife passed away 5 years ago and he has no children.

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