Mobilink managment term paper

Now paying your Line Rent in advance can get you additional free minutes on your tariff plan. Mobilink becomes the only operator in Pakistan to offer in-flight mobile phone service onboard international flights.

Mobilink managment term paper

Some of them are given below.

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Since statistics is basically a science and deals with a set of numerical data, it is applicable to the study of only these subjects of enquiry, which can be expressed in terms of quantitative measurements.

As a matter of fact, qualitative phenomenon like honesty, poverty, beauty, intelligence etc, cannot be expressed numerically and any Page 5 of 29 Page 6 of 29 statistical analysis cannot be directly applied on these qualitative phenomenons.

Nevertheless, statistical techniques may be applied indirectly by first reducing the qualitative expressions to accurate quantitative terms.

For example, the intelligence of a group of students can be studied on the basis of their marks in a particular examination. Statistics does not give any specific importance to the individual items; in fact it deals with an aggregate of objects.

Individual items, when they are taken individually do not constitute any statistical data and do not serve any purpose for any statistical enquiry. It is well known that mathematical and physical sciences are exact. But statistical laws are not exact and statistical laws are only approximations.

Statistical conclusions are not universally true. They are true only on an average. Statistics must be used only by experts; otherwise, statistical methods are the most dangerous tools on the hands of the inexpert. The use of statistical tools by the inexperienced and untraced persons might lead to wrong conclusions.

Statistics can be easily misused by quoting wrong figures of data.


Statistical method do not provide complete solution of the problems because problems are to be studied taking the background of the countries culture, philosophy or religion into consideration. Thus the statistical study should be supplemented by other evidences.

The general expression of linear function having only one independent variable is: This graph can always be plotted by giving different values to x and calculating corresponding values of y.

Mobilink managment term paper

The graph of such functions is always a straight line. Polynomial functions are functions that have this form: That is, it must be whole number; it is equal to zero or a positive integer. These are real numbers. The degree of the polynomial function is the highest value for n where an is not equal to 0.

By absolute value means that whether x is positive or negative, its Page 9 of 29 Page 10 of 29 absolute value will remain positive.

The graph of given function is like this: Then the value of y can be uniquely determined for given values of x as per the functional relationship. Sometimes it is required to consider x as a of y, so that for given values of y, the values of x can be determined as per the functional relationship.

Quantitative Techniques - Research Paper Example :

For example consider the linear function: When only finite number of terms are involved in a functional relationship and variables are affected only by the mathematical operations, then the function is called an algebraic function otherwise transcendental function.

The following functions are algebraic functions of x. Domain consists of all real numbers except zero. Given the following input-output table, calculate the gross output so as to meet the final demand of units of Agriculture and units of industry.

The following data relates to the sales of companies is given below: Discriminate between the census and sampling methods of data collection and compare their merits and demerits. Why is the sampling method unavoidable in certain situations? Page 15 of 29 Page 16 of 29 b.1.

ZONG BACKGROUND: Zong is China Mobile's brand in Pakistan. China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) is a % subsidiary of China Mobile. China Mobile's first overseas operation came about when it acquired a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan.5/5(7).

Telenor is the 2nd largest network of Pakistan after Mobilink. Telenor acquired the license of GSM service in Pakistan in April, and began commercial operations on March 15, Telenor Pakistan’s corporate headquarters are in Islamabad, with regional offices in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Hyderabad.

Bollywood Event Managment. Difficult and easy and life. Driving in Ontario. Electron in ion CI. English Higher Paper GCSE. Mobilink Pakistan.

Mobilink Jazz puts forth another irresistible offer to all its valued customers specifically for the month of Ramzan. Comparison of Human Resource Strategies.

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An essay comparing the human resource management strategies of Mobilink and Telenor. Telenor is the prevalent mobile telecommunications operative.

Responsible for meeting the credit card sales target of the bank in one of the major business regions. Developed an alternative in house distribution channel of in house sales team with a mandate to hire and train an team of more than 50 salesmen to jumpstart the Director Treasury at Pakistan .

Mobilink Managment Term Paper Organization 5 Orascom Telecom: 5 Introduction: 6 Structure of Main Office Mobilink 7 Mobilink Head Office Introduction: 8 Mission Statement: 9 Vision Mobilink GSM started operations in the year , from then on it has shown enormous growth.

At the time when it entered the market it was a small .

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