Nibcos erp implementation

However, the company leaders chose not to heed the advice of their consultants, or the current trade press, about taking a slower, phased-in approach. The case describes the legacy IT environment, the ERP purchase and implementation partner choices, the selection and composition of what came to be called the TIGER team, the workspace design for the project team TIGER denthe key issues addressed by each project sub-team, the incentive scheme, and the complexity added by a distribution center consolidation initiative that runs behind schedule.

Nibcos erp implementation

This article will also be published in: Managing Information Technology, 4th edition, Prentice Hall, One-quarter of the company's senior managers were dedicated to the project, including a leadership triad that included a former VP of Operations Beutlerthe Information Services director Wilsonand a former quality management director Davis.

We used the consultants for what we needed them for and that was Nibcos erp implementation skills, knowledge transfer, and extra hands. It was hard on families, but nobody quit, nobody left…. Professionally I would say it was unequivocally the highlight of my career.

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One of the key conclusions from these endeavors was that the organization could not prosper with its current information systems. Those systems had evolved into a patchwork of legacy systems and reporting tools that could not talk to each other. May, Gary Wilson hired as new head of IS department.

Recommended that NIBCO replace its legacy systems with integrated enterprise system on client-server platform over a 3- to 5-year timeframe January 1, Restructured corporation into cross-functional matrix organization.

Wilson, Beutler, and Davis form triad leadership team. September, Completion of project team selection and September 30th project kickoff. Final scope included North America only and consolidation of warehouses to a number yet to be determined.

Nibcos erp implementation

March, Decision to consolidate warehouses from 17 to 4 by September, Incentive pay bonus in place a few months after project initiated.

April, Installation of PCs for customer service associates completed. Weekly newsletter via e-mail initiated. May, Business Review lead for materials management leaves company; role filled by Business Review lead for production planning.

Summer, Maintenance of legacy systems discontinued except for emergency repairs. Sandbox practice system becomes available. November, Go Live date moved from Monday following Thanksgiving to December 30 due to delays in completion of warehouse consolidation and master data load testing.

"NIBCO’S “BIG BANG”" by Carol V. Brown and Iris Vessey

December 30, Go Live without consultants After initial talks with several consulting firms, top management brought in the Boston Consulting Group BCG in August to help the company develop a strategic information systems plan to meet its new business objectives.

BCG brought in a team and what they instantly did was to start going through each of the functional areas of the company to determine the need for changes…. And so they went into each little nook and cranny of the company and sorted out whether we really needed to change every system we had.

There were also major concerns about being able to grow the company and become more global without an integrated information capability. The December 1st BCG recommendation was that NIBCO replace its legacy systems with common, integrated systems that could be implemented in small chunks over a 3- to 5-year timeframe.The case shows the implementation of SAP ERP solution in NIBCO, a manufacturer of pipe and fittings, a mid-size manufacturer with about 3, employees and revenue over million USD.

The company show more content All the business units, most of employees will be affected by the new systems.

– Nibco’s Successful ERP Implementation Executive Summary Many mangers wander whether a large ERP implementation can be achieved on time and within budget. Nibco’s successful story is .

Write up - Two ERP Implementations at Seimans and NIBCO. Over the past eight weeks we have probed the three corners of our IS and Organizations have looked at specifying and building information systems.

3 Best Practices for ERP Implementation Success 0 It is estimated over 50% of ERP manufacturing software implementations take longer than expected and over half of those exceed budgeted costs. ERP project implementation: lessons and recommendations6 List of Reference9 Case Study – NIBCO’s SAP Application Implementation I.

Overview The case shows the implementation of SAP ERP solution in NIBCO, a manufacturer of pipe and fittings, a mid-size manufacturer with about 3, employees and revenue over million USD. NIBCO’S ERP SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION 2 NIBCO’S ERP System Implementation NIBCO is a privately held midsized manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings, and are headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana (Brown, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins, ).

NIBCO's Big Bang