Past continuous writing activities

What Were You Doing When? There is no shortage of great activities for practicing Past Continuous tensebut it may take some time and review to solidify the point with learners. Here are three great activities to practice Past Continuous tense to get your wheels turning.

Past continuous writing activities

Amusing ways of giving students intensive practice of the Past Progressive tense 1. Students are given a list of strange actions and ask their partners to come up with innocent reasons why they were doing those things, e.

Past Simple Affirmative Negative Games Activities ESL Worksheets

Why were you doing that? Students are divided into suspects and alibis and they have to concoct a story of where they were together at the time of the crime.

They are then questioned separately, and too many differences between their stories mean that the suspect is guilty. You can make this more specific to Past Continuous by only allowing the detectives to ask questions about the time of the murder, e.

past continuous writing activities

Random pelmanism Students take two cards at random and try to make a sentence including those words or expressions with the Past Simple and Past Continuous. Past Continuous Things in common Students try to find times when they were doing the exact same thing, e.

All kinds of actions Put a list of actions on the board, e. Past Continuous picture memory Give students a picture that shows lots of people doing different actions, e. Their partners then guess whether the answer is true or not.

Past photos Students pretend that a blank piece of paper is an important photo of theirs and describe it to their partners. As it is just as natural to use the Present Continuous to describe the actual actions in the picture, they should also describe what they were doing when the photo was taken e.

Continual nagging Students take turns complaining that they did all the work to prepare for something like a party or presentation, e.

The other person should also say they their action was more useful than it seemed, e. Who was doing that? Students make true sentences about what someone was doing when they saw that person, and the other students guess who it was, e.

Video task 1 — When the screen went blank While students are watching a video, the teacher suddenly presses the stop button. Students have to describe what was happening in as much detail as they can, and then check when the teacher presses play. Video task 2 — Detailed viewing When students have finished watching a short clip, test them on things that were happening in the background, e.

Video task 3 — Complicated cutting Every time a character reappears on the screen, pause the video and test students on what that person was doing last time we saw them.Past perfect continuous: 'We had been waiting at the airport for what seemed like an eternity.' Activities to practise narrative tenses The following games are designed to help students practise narrative tenses and don’t require teacher supervision.

What Were You Doing When? 3 Great Activities for Past Continuous Tense

Past Progressive (Past Continuous), short explanation and exercises. Point out that the past continuous focuses on a specific moment in the past. Write various examples on the board of sentences combining the past simple and past continuous to . Past Continuous tense can be introduced at a fairly low level of language acquisition.

There is no shortage of great activities for practicing Past Continuous tense, but it may take some time and review to solidify the point with learners. EFL - ESL activities and games for past simple and past continuous An A2 level ESL lesson plan for teaching the past simple and past continuous.

It includes a suggested lead-in activity, several classroom activities, a game and a collection of specially selected ESL resources from around the web. ESL Past Continuous Game - Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 30 minutes Here is an entertaining past continuous game for students to play in class.

The students begin by doing a quick TPR activity to review the language on a set of activity cards.

Writing Practice - Past Continuous - Make Up Your Alibi