Purple hibiscus literary analysis

As if that's what matters. Somewhere at this very moment there may be a terror-stricken, weeping child, fleeing to find cover, unaware of what she is running from, unaware of the finality of death, shielded by the caprices of the same history she is living, perhaps. Someday she may grow up well to become another Chimamanda to write the story which is hers to tell, and time, circumstances, and health permitting, I am going to be reading that book and be reminded of the umpteenth 'war' that not even my generation of enlightened, Nobel-peace-prize winning heads of state did enough to prevent, the damage that could have been preempted, and the children who could have grown up to carry the weight of civilization some day but didn't. The farce of this relentless cycle of mayhem, killing, pillage, rape, and starvation will hit us time and again and yet leaders of the first world will continue to look dapper in their crisp suits and appear dignified while justifying their sale of high-tech weapons to warring parties because revenue is to be earned from the spilling of blood.

Purple hibiscus literary analysis

The novel begins in the middle of a confusing scene, but we already see that the family is very religious, and that they are familiar with domestic violence.

Active Themes Kambili explains what happened before this scene. Agnes, who is a white British man named Father Benedict. Father Benedict insists that prayers and recitations be done only in Latin, not in the native language of Igbo as they are at many Nigerian churches.

In his sermons Father Benedict praises Papa extravagantly, describing his virtues as a righteous Purple hibiscus literary analysis of the newspaper the Standard. He says that Papa always prints the truth and speaks out for freedom even when it is difficult or dangerous.

Father Benedict is an example of the long history of British colonialism in Nigeria—Nigeria has been an independent nation for at least a decade by now, but the worldview that Western-equals-superior still pervades daily life, like the idea that praying in Igbo is inferior to praying in Latin.

On this Palm Sunday Papa notices that Jaja did not take the communion. When they arrive home Papa slams his missal down on the dining room table and interrogates Jaja about it. In public he is the picture of virtue, not even letting himself feel proud when he is praised, while back at home he has a violent temper—but this too involves the idea of virtue, and punishment for sins.

Kambili feels suffocated in the silence. Mama tells Papa to drink his tea and Jaja to help her clean up. They idolize, obey, and love Papa despite his violent punishments.

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Jaja helps Mama pick up the pieces of the figurines, and Kambili feels like she is in a nightmare because everything is so different from how it usually is. Many visitors also pluck the flowers as they pass by. Active Themes None of the usual Sunday routines take place: Kambili knows that they were, though—every time she heard Papa beating up Mama in their room, Mama would come downstairs and meticulously polish the figurines afterwards.

Adichie now reveals the importance of the figurines. Mama always polishes them after Papa beats her, and so they become a kind of euphemism for the domestic violence that Mama, Jaja, and Kambili never speak of. The breaking of the figurines, then, represents the beginning of the end of this violence.

Active Themes The family sits down to lunch and Papa says a prayer over the food that lasts twenty minutes. Sisi brings in the new batch of cashew juice which Papa will sell from his factories and they each try it.

Mama and Kambili both compliment it nervously. Everything Kambili and Mama do is done in silence and fear, trying to keep the peace.

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Papa calls for Jaja, starts to get up, and then slumps back into his chair. Kambili chokes on her cashew juice and has a coughing fit.

Purple hibiscus literary analysis

Thus Papa always prefers speaking and hearing English over Igbo, because he sees English as the more civilized language. Later we will see the irony of this scene—that Jaja now uses silence as a weapon against Papa.

Papa sits with her a while, and she notices that his breathing is labored and his face has a rash on it. Mama brings her some soup, but after eating it Kambili throws it up. Kambili starts to understand that everything has changed now, and Mama may not need the figurines anymore.

Kambili has recognized the symbolism of the figurines, and she now sees that their destruction coincides with a change in the family dynamic. Mama is not as afraid of violence anymore, and Jaja is willing to speak out against his father.

Active Themes Mama leaves, and Kambili remembers what started all this change.Spring Schedule. Click on a course section below and then scroll down to view the classes offered. Turgeon and Wright have offered up scripts for a range of parenting struggles, from babies who pull their parents’ hair to eye-rolling pre-teens.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie grew up in Nigeria. Her work has been translated into thirty languages and has appeared in various publications, including The New Yorker, Granta, The O.

Henry Prize Stories, the Financial Times, and Zoetrope: alphabetnyc.com is the author of the novels Purple Hibiscus, which won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the Hurston/ Wright Legacy Award; Half of a Yellow Sun. 3 Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

4 Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

Purple hibiscus literary analysis

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