The heart case essay

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The heart case essay

It should be recognized that the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital has sufficient reserve funds to cover all required expenditures without taking a loan. It has an appropriately equipped emergency room, coronary care unit with eight beds, cardiac catheterization and rehabilitation.

However, it will be needed to purchase additional ten acute care beds and equip one suite for open-heart surgery. New Open-Heart Surgery Program It is also worthwhile noting that the decision on the launching of the new open-heart surgery program and changes in service procedures will require hiring additional 23 employees for projected 53 procedures for the first year.

This number will be increased to 39 workers at the end of the third year with projected procedures. It should be also emphasized that the hospital should not postpone making a decision on this issue, whereas Dr. Christy, its first potential cardiovascular surgeon, waits for a notice to make his career choice.

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Besides, the board of trustees should consider the aspects pointed out below before making the final decision whether to apply for the Certificate of Need or not.

Factors that will influence this decision include the research of the primary and secondary service areas, trends in demographics, including such characteristics as total population and at-risk population growth.

Moreover, it is crucial to analyze the existing competitive situation in the market. It means to investigate which of the nearest medical centers offer similar services. The issue of population growth should be regarded with respect to trends in the demand for the open-heart surgery program.

Considering the competition analysis, it is worthwhile pointing out that there is no opportunity to obtain qualified services of open-heart surgery in the defined primary area of the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital CMHincluding patients from Concord and Kannapolis Cabarrus County.

Only three medical centers in Charlotte located 25 miles from the CMH are participants of the North Carolina open-heart surgery programs.


There is also an opportunity to direct patients to Winston-Salem or Greensboro, which are found farther. Regarding the question of possible alternatives for the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital, it should be underlined that this issue should be solved from the strategic point of view.

As Campbell points out, a strategic analysis in the form of the correlation between the finance soundness of new strategy implementation, positive market trends, including SWOT analysis and an increase in demand, provide the organization with the in-depth awareness of the existing background and areas for growth.

Strategic planning is also an essential part of strategic management. With the aim to be at the forefront of the market, healthcare organizations should try to provide a full range of services in the chosen specialization to their patients.

Interests, safety, and a decrease in unnecessary risks for patients should be drivers for the implementation of the change strategy in the healthcare field.

Taking into account the above mentioned, it is important to recognize that the conducted market analysis, in particular primary and second service data, as well as demographics characteristics, indicates that there will be a high demand for open-heart surgery procedures, because patients feel uncomfortable travelling to other medical centers located far from their home county.

It is supported by the fact that statistical data indicate that Cabarrus County has the highest rates of the at-risk population. Moreover, the level of open-heart surgery usage had the same tendency. Therefore, the board of trustees should not analyze any alternatives to this new strategy, whereas there is clear evidence that continuous treatment that will be provided by the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital being a full-service one will benefit patients.

It will become a more influential competitor for the existing medical centers.Heart Case This Essay Heart Case and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: latesha26 • August 24, • Essay • 1, Words (8 Pages) • Views.

Page 1 . Essay about Congestive Heart Failure Case Study Words | 9 Pages Running head: CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE Congestive Heart Failure – Case Study Pathophysiology – BSRN – Instructors: October 10, Report on Congestive Heart Failure The heart is a muscle, the most important one in the body.

The heart case essay

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Congestive Heart Failure Case Study Essay CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE Congestive Heart Failure – Case Study Pathophysiology – BSRN – Instructors: October 10, Report on Congestive Heart Failure The heart is a muscle, the most important one in the body.

It works like a pump; it receives blood from the body and pumps the blood into.

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