Verse writing about nature a creative guide

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Verse writing about nature a creative guide

Metaphor and simile are two of the best known tropes and are often mentioned together as examples of rhetorical figures. Metaphor and simile are both terms that describe a comparison: According to this definition, then, "You are my sunshine" is a metaphor whereas "Your eyes are like the sun" is a simile.

However, some describe similes as simply a specific type of metaphor see Joseph Kelly's The Seagull Readerpages ; in this case, metaphor is the umbrella term for making comparisons between unlike concepts, and simile describes the figure where one makes the comparison explicit.

verse writing about nature a creative guide

Usually, similes and metaphors could easily be interchanged. For example remove the word 'like' from William Shakespeare's simile, "Death lies on her, like an untimely frost," and it becomes "Death lies on her, an untimely frost," which retains almost exactly the same meaning.

Despite the similarity of the two figures, the distinction between them is often focused upon when the terms are introduced to students. Although in practice their use is often synonymous, in a rigorous sense, their meanings can be understood to be quite different.

verse writing about nature a creative guide

Whereas simile explicitly describes a comparison, metaphor asserts an identity. A simile always expresses something trivially true anything can be likened to anything elsewhereas a metaphor always expresses something patently false which the listener must then make sense of.

In other words, one could argue that when listening to an active metaphor, the listener always visualizes something false before analyzing the phrase metaphorically. On the other hand, a simile requires a different kind of analysis: In both cases, this analysis depends on the assumption that listeners think of the literal meaning first, which is only guaranteed when a comparison is fresh.

There are cases where the use of a simile rather than a metaphor makes a clear difference in meaning or listener expectation.

Text Manipulation

Using a simile as opposed to a metaphor can clarify an analogy by calling out exactly what is being compared. Using a simile rather than a metaphor can add meaning by calling attention to the process of comparison, as in, "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

Similarly, when speakers wish to call attention to a particularly unexpected comparison, they typically use a simile rather than a metaphor, as in the Magnetic Fields line, "When I'm with you, it's like I'm on the moon; I can hardly breathe but I feel lighter.

A final difference is that in practice, often-used metaphors can "wear away" into dead metaphors as listeners come to learn metaphorical meanings by rote rather than making sense of seemingly nonsensical assertions, whereas a simile, because it explicitly calls attention to the act of comparison, is not as susceptible to the loss of metaphoricity.

Thus, although for fresh comparisons metaphors are typically seen as "stronger" than similes, similes can retain their metaphorical nature more consistently than metaphors precisely because they are not likely to be reanalyzed as secondary meanings of words or phrases Click to expand In short, metaphor is an effective method of taking one object and either glorifing it, destroying it, comparing it etc.

In poetry, this is very important. Metaphor is also closely linked with personification in poetry. Say you want to write a poem about a 'broken heart'.EasyBib — your online writing hub All the tools to submit your paper with confidence.

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