Vietnam coursework help

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Vietnam coursework help

Order now To start with Vietnam was in the control of the French, they had gained control of it in They took charge of all the natural resources in Vietnam and added it to there empire. In Japan demanded Vietnam coursework help right to place Vietnam under military occupation.

By two parties had been formed; the Indochinese communist party and the national party. The two parties united and formed the Vietminh. The Vietminh was formed to create opposition to the Japanese.

The Japanese bombed houses burnt crops and killed innocent people. Ho Chi Minh used the weapons and aid the Americans gave them to strengthen the communist section of the Vietminh. They used guerrilla tactics which as they were on home soil the French found very difficult to fight against.

In December the French set up a massive base at Dien Bien Phu in an attempt to lure the Vietminh into a bombardment of French gunfire. As they were setting up this base the Vietminh had surrounded the French with trenches and soldiers.

Instead of the full frontal assault that General Navarre, the French commander, had expected the Vietminh were attacking from all around them. By the time of the battle the Vietminh surrounding Dien Bien Phu were 70, strong which was 5 the amount the French had in the middle.

On March 13,The Vietminh launched their attack on the French. It lasted for 56 days before the French surrendered and pulled out of Vietnam. This meant that if one Asian country such as Thailand or Malaya became communist its neighbours would follow and spread it throughout the East.

However the new ruler of the south, Ngo Dinh Diem, refused to hold the elections in Vietnam. He was unwilling to be the puppet rules that the Americans wanted but as he was against communism and was actively stopping the spread of it the Americans had no choice but to support him.

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Diem was very controversial and not very popular with the Vietnamese people. As his support dropped the support for nationalism and communism got stronger.

Arguably what changed the American involvement in the war was the election of a new president, President Lyndon B. Johnson knew very little about Vietnam.

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He did not start the bombing until he felt that it could be justified to the American people. This gave Johnson the excuse to bomb the north, on the 11th of February the US and the ARVN started bombing industrial targets such as bridges, railway lines and roads.

This is when the Americans started to take control of the war effort.

Vietnam coursework help

This was lead by Lieutenant General William Westmoreland. In December there were US soldiers in South Vietnam in there were and by thee were more than The US was too heavily involved in the mess of Vietnam to back out now.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:The professor emphasises the fact that the government didn’t go to the war to help the South Vietnamese “its our ‘official’ truth now” he is saying that this is what the public was told by the government, it was what everyone believed at that time.

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Vietnam Coursework Question one To start with Vietnam was in the control of the French, they had gained control of it in They took charge of all the natural resources in Vietnam and added it to there Japan demanded the right to place Vietnam under military occupation.

Vietnam War Quotes ( quotes) quotes have been tagged as vietnam-war: This chemical has since received widespread attention, especially because it was part of the herbicide 2, 4, 5-T, GCSE Coursework amp; Essays Help from Marked by Most students are entered for subjects at GCSE although there are some schools where .

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Vietnam GCSE History Coursework | Vietnam WarVietnam GCSE History Coursework - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

The assignmentsvietnam coursework - GCSE History - Marked by alphabetnyc.comracts from this document Introduction. Aaron Locke Vietnam coursework How useful are sources . They believed if Vietnam fell, other countries around Vietnam would become communist and spread across SE Asia.

They believed this to decided to propup the weak Diem South Vietnam government to prevent the spread of communism.

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