What are animals essays

And prior to written languages, ancient peoples told animal stories by drawing symbolic visual narratives on the walls of their cave homes. These early examples of animals in literary history generally were imbued with strong religious and allegorical significance. Composed around the sixth century B. For the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, animals such as bulls and lions, as well as hybrid creatures like the griffin and sphinx, played important roles in the development of complex mythological systems that influenced everything from the stories told to the study of the stars.

What are animals essays

Essay on Wild Animals: Top 12 Essays Wildlife Geography Article shared by: Lion Panthera Leo Persica: It is a gregarious top carnivorous animal leading family life. Though, it has characteristic of territorialism but less than the tiger.

It prefers open scrub forest as its habitat but mixed thorny deciduous forest is also liked. It is found presently only in Gir Forest of Gujarat State in our country as well as in the whole Asian continent and, hence, also called as Asiatic Lion.

The other race is in Africa in the world. Since it is found only in Gir forest, its management requires too much attention. There should be perfect conservation to enhance-its population.

The habitat should be improved to raise the carrying-capacity for the prey species to meet the full demand of lion so that population may go up in proper direction. There should be total control in grazing of the livestock to fulfill the food requirement of herbivorous prey species.

The habitat should be manipulated properly to supply basic requirements of the lions. To save from epidemics, it should be introduced in other habitats which will also help in raising population. Tiger Panthera Tigris Tigris: Tiger is a top carnivorous animal. It is solitary in nature having apparent territory.

It is nocturnal predator living in dense forest to get easiness in killing the prey. It lives in all types of forest such as thorny forest, dry and moist deciduous forest, evergreen and semi-evergreen forest. To raise its population, the habitat-improvement is the most important.

Pasture lands should be improved raising the carrying-capacity of the habitat for herbivorous preys which will ultimately enhance the population of the tiger. There should be control-grazing or ban on grazing, as needed, for livestock.

Other basic needs of the target species should be improved in the habitat. Leopard or Panther Panthera Pardus: It lives in almost all types of forest like tiger.

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Unlike tiger, it kills the small preys. It is unable to hunt big size prey like sambhar, barasingha, nilgai etc.

What are animals essays

It is nocturnal in habit. By habitat-improvement, its basic requirements should be fulfilled to enhance its population.

For the purpose, the number of its prey species should be increased through proper management. It is found in plain and hilly forest generally up to 1 m elevation but may be up to m as seen in Burma.

Since, it needs lot of water for bathing and drinking, there must be perenniel river, lake etc. For food, there should be bamboo and grass in sufficient quantity. It is migratory in nature in. In rainy season, it descends in open grasslands.

An adult elephant consumes about 3 quintals green fodder daily and gallons Its water. From management point of view, the habitat should be improved in such a way that it can meet its food and water demands.

Sufficient waterholes should be managed and its preferred food species should be planted. Besides these, there should be forest-strip of required width connecting one forest to another for the movement of the elephant.

Elephants prefer hilly, undulshing terrain where bamboo is abundant. In summer, they retreat to the denser forest where food, water and cover are plentiful. It is gregarious animal but of shy nature. It is the largest animal in the world of family Bovidae.Medical Research On Animals Essays: Over , Medical Research On Animals Essays, Medical Research On Animals Term Papers, Medical Research On Animals Research Paper, Book Reports.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Another factor that contributes to animal extinction is unsustainable hunting and wildlife trade.

This happened in many countries across the world. Many animals were hunted to extinction when the aboriginal Europeans, Americans and Australians developed the “effective hunting technology”. One such animals were hunted to extinction by this is the Dodo birds.

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A prominent and respected philosopher of animal rights law and ethical theory, Gary L. Francione is known for his criticism of animal welfare laws and regulations, his abolitionist theory of animal rights, and his promotion of veganism and nonviolence as the baseline principles of the abolitionist.

Darius Strambler. English 3. Mrs. Ellis. March 17, Persuasive Essay. When animals get abused, people usually don’t care. Imagine if that animal was a family member or your best friend.

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