Writing a myth example story

The basic characteristics of the Native American creation myth are: The attributes of Native myths paint tales that instruct, inform and warn the listener.

Writing a myth example story

I am available for tutoring and working with parents who home school their children. Step 1 Understand what a creation myth is. Yes, it can be about how the world itself was created, but many lesser phenomena need to be explained, too. Step 2 Choose an object or event that you love, that you respect or that fascinates you.

writing a myth example story

Even if you know all about the science of how rain works, for example, you might draw your mythic explanation from how it makes you feel. Step 3 Imagine how your object or event might be created on a mythic level. What makes that rain fall from the sky, anyway?

Is it a million birds crying? Is it the Cloud Mother wringing out her wet laundry? You also get to invent people like the Cloud Mother or Star Farmer. Step 4 Imagine why someone would want to create this object or event. Are the birds crying rain even though someone is trying to make them happy? Does the Cloud Mother want to make sure all the water from her laundry drains away?

Will the Star Farmer dry up into the cold white moon if he sweats too much? Step 5 Now that you know how and why, build a story.

writing a myth example story

Set your myth in a place that resembles the natural world or human society, but where magic runs strong and consequences are vast. Consider an ethical conflict between your characters, such as good or bad, generous or selfish. Maybe it could be the kind of human drama we all understand: The creation that results, even if it comes as a surprise, should seem inevitable by the end of the story.

Your creation myth must be over 1 page but less than 2 pages. Your creation myth must be written in a formal, old fashioned voice. Your creation myth must have been edited by a teacher. Your creation myth needs to be free from any major grammatical errors.

Your myth needs to be attached to your web page. Your creation myth must be 1 page Your creation myth must be written in a formal, old fashioned voice.

Your creation myth is less than 1 page. A professor from college talks about voice. A teacher explains voice. Read this web site for a clear definition of voice.Also, origin myths are fictional, therefore, you may include fictional places.

Now outline a plot. Remember, an origin myth is a fictional story, so it should contain a strong beginning, middle, and end.

Greek Mythology Project. Search this site. Home. Research the Gods. Research the Stories. Write Your Own Myth. Present Your Myth. Sitemap. Write Your Own Myth. Step 3: Write your own myth 1. Common Characteristics of Myths (include at least 3 in your story - click on the link to see what they are) 2.

Include at least two different gods or. Feb 01,  · In in 9th grade English and we've been assigned to write a fictional Greek nature myth, creating our own heroes and story plot. We have to pick some feature of nature and write a myth about how/why it came to alphabetnyc.com: Resolved.

Every ancient civilization has its own creation myths. These stories are created by early humans as a means of understanding the world around them. Read Examples. Start by reading myths from many cultures to gain knowledge of the elements involved in myth writing.

Read for example, a classic Greek myth about the gods or the Chinese myth "Why the Sun Rises When the Rooster Crows," making notes of the mythic elements you encounter as you read. the personal myths they have written and write short stories based on them.

They may or may not incorporate classical Greek or other mythology into their stories.

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